Top 15 Most Wonderful Lakes in the World You Must Visit

Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful lakes in the world are? Certainly, the answer to this question cannot be entirely objective. In fact, there are millions of them in the world, from tiny ponds covered with grass to vast expanses of freshwater that can be easily misunderstood as oceans. However, there is something very peaceful in the lake that we all need to go on a journey to disconnect. Going out for miles on a smooth surface, the horizon reflects a different colour depending on the origin and content of the lake, which is sometimes clearly reversed and barely visible.

Therefore, we bring you a list of some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, then you will be motivated to go to this magical place. They are especially prone to bright blue waters and are often concentrated in incredible mountain ranges. You can find the serenity, harmony and peace of nature as a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. These beautiful lakes vary in 15 details, but they are all uniquely beautiful and worth a visit! So. Check out the list!

#1 Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada


Lake Moraine’s biggest attraction is the variety of walking and walking trails, the most popular of which is Rockpile Avenue. Tourists arrive at the 300-meter-long trail. Witness the most photographed location in Canada from the top of the Rockpile Mountains. This unique view of the mountains from the lake and the valley is known as the “Twenty Dollar View”.

#2 Lake Hillier, Australia


You may have seen photos of Lake of Pink water. This uniqueness makes this a unique place. This phenomenon is due to the high concentration of salt and sodium in the water. Now you know in which country the famous Pink Lake is located and why it grows there. We are sure you will like bathing in this place.

#3 West Hangzhou Lake, China


West Hangzhou Lake and the surrounding Hangzhou region have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. The organization recognizes the landscape as “inspired by famous poets, scholars and artists from the 9th century”. This amazing lake covers about 2.5 square miles. There are many beautiful temples, pagodas and islands on the surface.

#4 Melissani Cave, Greece


According to Greek mythology, Melissani was the nymph’s cave. It has a lush looking lake as well as lush trees and lush forest. Situated in the middle of the mountains of Aimorphia and Agia Dinati, this place is a host to many tourists. Plants grow near the entrance of the cave and there are intriguing brown rocks at the bottom of the lake.

#5 Lake Powell, Utah


Lake Powell is located between Utah and Arizona and is a major part of the Rainbow Bridge that runs along with Utah. With an annual tourist turnover of approximately two million people, it is the second-largest artificial reservoir in the nation (optimal water capacity). It’s worth capturing and ‘Instagraming’ the image around Powell Lake from Utah’s stunning rock formations. There is no doubt about the amazing natural beauty of Utah and Lake Powell makes it even more fascinating.

#6 Lake Como, Italy


Locally known as Lago di Como, the lake is often referred to as Como Lake in magazines and travel literature. The lake takes the shape of the letter “Y” and has a characteristic shape. It is also popular for activities such as windsurfing and yachting. In the surrounding area, visitors can choose to go to spas, go shopping or see the incredible wildlife that tends to the forest. Today it is popular for its natural beauty as well as luxury hotels (actually seeing George Clooney).

#7 Maligne Lake, Canada


As a Canadian company, it’s right to start here in Canada. Lake Maligne should be on every lake lovers list. Found in the Jasper National Park in Alberta, these amazing waterfalls reflect the most scenic natural forest area you can see.

#8 Pehoe Lake, Patagonia, Chile


The landscape looks like a fairy tale on the southern tip of South America. Lake Pehoe is located in the Torres del Paine National Park, a natural wonder of Chilean Patagonia.

#9 Lake Bled, Slovenia


Around the beautiful Bled Island, there are several structures on Lake Bled, the most notable of which is the Church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Built-in the late 17th century, its gothic murals and baroque details are worth seeing. Creates the perfect view for a storybook!

#10 Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia


Known as the Blue Eye of Siberia, it is one of the most isolated places on Earth and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is 1600 meters deep and therefore contains the largest percentage of the world’s unfrozen freshwater. So, in addition to its beauty, this is important for the world’s drinking water supply in the future. Baikal is the cleanest and oldest lake on Earth. Visitors can see through the ice and appreciate the different shapes on its surface.

#11 Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan


If you have ever seen a photo of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan, you have also seen this amazing lake. On a clear day, you can see Iconic Mountain reflected in the water of the lake, and with the arrival of spring, the surrounding promenade is filled with cherry blossoms. You can see the vast reflection of the freshwater of the massive mountain lake.

#12 Laguna Verde, Bolivia


The largest lake in South America (3,200 square miles) and the world’s highest navigable lake (12,500 feet above sea level) is a snow-capped, snow-capped mountain range. The floating villages near Puno, Peru, are the main attraction and can be easily reached by kayak or boat ride. Named Laguna Verde because of the green colour of its water as a result of chemical water, it is surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs. No doubt about it, this is best caught from the air

#13 Lake Saimaa, Finland


Other European countries, such as Italy and France, have glistening lakes, while Finland has similarly spectacular bodies of water. This is the situation on Lake Saima (the largest in Finland), which is famous for its freshwater, tree-lined beaches and slippery waterways of about 14,000 small islands.

#14 Lake Wakatipu,  New Zealand


New Zealand landscapes can be no exception in an article that talks about natural wonders. This amazing Wakathipu Lake is 80 km long and its beauty is combined with the surrounding mountains. The lake is a popular destination for tourists for forest-related activities such as water, air exploration and paragliding, rowing and hiking. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains, including the Remarkables Range.

#15 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


In Nahuatl, it means “between the waters.” This is a quality stop and attractive place in Guatemala. It is 1560 meters high, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful villages and this is a special place to unwind. Several books describe the lake as a work of natural art. The surrounding volcanoes make it even more beautiful.

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