Top 11 Most Beautiful And comfortable Underwater Hotels Around The World

For hundreds of thousands of years, we lived weird, either in battle or on a plane. Adrenaline travels through our bodies. We lost it in a few centuries, and all our instincts for the survival of the forest were replaced by towels and cushions. Somehow we know we have lost something. We will fight to get it back. That’s why we jump off bungee bridges and climb mountains; That’s why we jump from tall buildings. What we need is a return. That’s why we recently came up with the idea of an underwater hotel.

You cannot get more comfort than a luxury hotel. If we can get one underwater, it will connect us back to the jungle and give us something adventurous in our lives. And, we don’t have to give up soft towels to do that.

Underwater resorts are still largely a product of a clear image. Some hotels are in the planning stage and some are currently under construction but some hotels already offer the ability to spend a holiday with fish.

From semi-submerged luxury suites to real submarine accommodations, we have brought you the top 11 of the most spectacular underwater hotels on earth.

#1 Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

Photo Source: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

This hotel has located in the Indian Ocean. Conrad Maldives Rangali consists of a beautiful island paradise with aquatic parks, insightful service, rare marine life, surfing and unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean.

Located in South Ari Atoll, famous for its rich flora and fauna, the resort has a natural green space overlooking the Indian Ocean, with villas and suites, 12 award-winning restaurants and two quiet spas, and a safe collection of local inspiration. Experiences
designed to connect adults and children with the Maldivian culture.

This tropical paradise actually captures two interconnected islands, each with its own charm. As you walk along the lighted bridge between them as the sun goes down, you will see the manta rays swimming in the blue water. Get closer to marine life by snorkelling on nearby reefs. Or stand dry and wait for the fish at the amazing beachfront restaurant. With a children’s club, a dedicated water sports centre and activities for tourists or the beach, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel connect everyone to the Maldives.

#2 Hydropolis, Dubai

Photo Source: Pinterest

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is an amazing underwater hotel in Dubai. Hydropolis should be the world’s first multi-room underwater hotel. It was designed in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, just beyond Dubai.
Designers have planed to located 20 meters underwater off the coast of Jumeirah. The plan of the hotel is to cover an area of 260 hectares, similar to Hyde Park in London. This is the largest underwater construction project in the entire world.

The land where the hotel is located is owned by the Prince of Dubai, and with the Prince’s support, about 150 teams are involved to launch this extraordinary project that looks like the future of many companies.

The hydropolis is an approximately 600 million construction project and this is one of the most expensive hotels ever built.

This underwater hotel was designed by Joachim Hauser and Professor Roland Dieterl. They have planned to build this underwater hotel with three parts. There are an underground station and a connecting train and an underwater hotel. The main idea of this construction is to connect people to the water.

#3 Ocean Suites, Sentosa Resort World, Singapore

Photo Source: Resorts World Sentosa

Situated on one side of the world’s largest aquarium, visitors can enjoy five-star comfort and personalized butler service while enjoying stunning views of the underwater sanctuary. All 11 of these unique sets are designed like a deluxe two-story mansion that offers guests the best of both land and sea. Upstairs there is an open space for an outdoor residence, and Jacuzzi and downstairs guests can see over 40,000 underwater fish in the comfort and privacy of their own set.

#4 Floating Villa, Dubai

Photo Source: Pinterest

Dubai offers these luxurious new floating villas with underwater master bedrooms and much more. The floating seahorses, designed by the Clindianst Group, are the latest luxury and futuristic developments in the city. Beautiful sea retreat is not just expensive candy — the developers say the buildings are made of special high-quality marine approved materials and support marine life using artificial coral reefs.

The master bedroom and bathroom have been designed under the water. This hotel offers scenic views of the Persian Gulf and coral reefs. Seahorse homes are selling for AED 6.5 million ($ 1.8 million) and are selling well despite their terrible prices. At least 35 of the 42 units under construction have been sold.
Each 1700 sq. Ft. Luxury backyard consists of three levels, two above water and one below.

#5 Utter Inn, Sweden

Photo Source: Utter Inn Hotel

You can stay for about $ 75 a night at Michael Jenberg’s two-room floating art project.
One room is above water, the other ten feet below. It’s floating on Lake Malaren. The two are connected primarily by a ladder. To get to the hotel, you take a boat from the port of Westerly and go along with some instructions. It looks like a slightly lower budget Bond movie. “Get out of this Mr. Bond.

It could be the inflatable boat you can use to visit the nearby uninhabited island. Don’t expect to be swept away by the facilities at Utter. Below the bedroom are two beds and a table. But anything close to marine life is one of the options you can get, as windows on all four sides look out for what swims beneath the malar. If you want to increase it a bit, you can take the spring for the Deluxe option, which will give you dinner.

#6 Poseidon Resort, Katafanga Island, Fiji

Photo Source: Poseidon Resort

Think of a five-star underwater chain; Imagine driving a private Triton submarine through the hustle and bustle to the beach church and holding your breath anxiously to where your loved one is waiting; Think of dining under a seafood diet; Think of climbing a luxury sink. Meditate, because it has not happened yet. However, plans for a second resort are already underway.

#7 Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

Photo Source: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Thirty miles outside of Shanghai, an abandoned, waterlogged quarry, the 19-story hotel at the foot of Mount Tianmenshan is under construction. The lower two floors are submerged and consist of a restaurant and guest rooms overlooking an aquarium with glass walls. There are many facilities and the resort offers water sports, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

#8 Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room, Tanzania

Photo Source: The Manta Resort

If the floating underwater anchor anchored off the coast of Zanzibar looks like an upscale version of the Utter Inn, it’s also because of Michael Jenberg’s design. This time there are three levels 13 feet below the surface. There is a lounge and bathroom on the landing floor above sea level. The roof is for soaking in the sun during the day and watching the stars at night. Below the waves, there is a double bed and 360 degrees of underwater scenery.

#9 Lovers Deep, St. Lucia

Photo Source: luxury Submarine hotel

Lovers Deep, considered to be the premier entrance to the Mile low Club, is a luxury leisure submarine for deep lovers. At $ 150,000 per night, this is the most expensive place you can go for a shag. But if you want to impress, it definitely picked up a rose on the way home more.

Also, no one is likely to enter without you being invited. Incidentally, you eat Captain’s Cheese Doodle. In fact, he shares soundproof quarters with Butler and the chef on the other end of the boat or carries a trick to lure you to your favourite destination — the amazing coral or sunken warship from St. Lucia to the Red Sea. Including a menu of two-person baths and special libidos, you have no doubt what to do here.

#10 Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Photo Source: Atlantis, The Palm

Palaty Atlantis de Palm, on the man-made island of the Kingdom, is one of Dubai’s most attractive resorts, with Blockbuster Luxury Hotel (over 1500 rooms and rooms), an aquatic marvel. underwater suites of the hotel include stunning underwater views of the mythical lost city of Atlantis and its “ancient” ruins of 65,000 oceans. You will be blown away by the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the hotel’s Ambassador Lagoon. If that’s not enough, the rooms come with a 24/7 private butler, massage and dolphin encounter.

#11 Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Photo Source: Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Named after the author of 20,000 submarine leagues, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the oldest underwater hotel on the Florida coast and near Puerto Rico, surrounded by angelic fish and other amazing species.

Getting there is a bit of a challenge – you have to dive into the foyer as it is 21 feet below sea level. But the room that was once used as a laboratory is now a very comfortable place to live, allowing you to treat yourself to pizza for dinner or to book your meal in a ‘mer-chef’. A brave couple can spend a night here for $ 800 between two.

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