Whether a Man or Woman, People always try to keep their appearance smart and glow, including you and me. Most of the time, we do not feel happy with the formation we got. We try to gain more by using some vitamins, beauty care products, surgeries, and more.

But do you know some people in this world have to think beyond the beauty hacks? They only need to survive secretly in this world because of their looking. Yes. This is a modern story about an ugly ducky. Even though he wasn’t born with the miracle of beauty, he does not blame the god for his birth. He is a talented boy. This is about him.

This little black boy is one of the most popular comedians on social media. However, he had not a beautiful face. He has born with a unique ability. He has a remarkable ability to display various funny facial expressions with striking laughter. I’m sure you have seen him in funny memes.

His name is Mohamed Nantum. A Malian, he is a singer and comedian.  Grand M was born in 2000. Now he is 20 years old. Unfortunately, he still looks like a small child due to a rare disease. He is now popularly known as Grand M. He belongs to the Dogon ethnic group in Mali’s central plateau region. One of his friends posted a funny video to social media. It spread rapidly on social media, becoming one of the most popular characters globally in less than a year. Currently, he has 2.3 million followers on his Instagram alone. He became known as the Grand M. the name of M denotes Lionel Messi, a world-famous football player because of his unconditional love for the famous football player Lionel Messi.

Grand M was an early dancer, and he is well known among his neighbors as a dancer. He has an excellent ability at “Isibiki” and “Bossi” dance styles. In the early days, people mocked and insulted him because of his unusual appearance, and some even stoned him as he passed.

Although Grand M is widely known for his funny videos, He has released two songs, “Messi” and “Mali Army”. He is also a good rapper. He has signed the Zack Productions record label and hinted that he might release an album at any time. His one of a dream to meet his star Lionel Messi one day.

You will now realize that these black-looking little is a legend on our social networks. Trust yourself. Popularity and success never depend on your appearance. He has become a star in a video; it was his solution to his reactions. Think Always about success. It is in your hand.

Appearance, power, beauty, ugliness, religion, race, caste, none of these things assume your progress. If you can change your thinking pattern in the best way, you will be successful in one day. Shortcomings not rare, you have to face them with a straight mindset. Maybe those closest to you will laugh at you. But they love the whole world and can separate. Like Grand M challenged the world with his funny face. Appearance is a thing, but it is not everything you have; find your own legacy like Grand M.

Wrote by; Kossip.me


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