Do you know? Isaac Newton has an estimated IQ of 190, Albert Einstein has an estimated IQ of 160 and Mark Zuckerberg has an estimated IQ of 152. These are known as world-renowned absolute geniuses.

Do you accept that a person with an IQ of between two hundred and three hundred lived on this earth? Yes, you have to accept that such a wonderful and wonderful man lived on this earth.

William James Sidis is said to be the most intelligent man ever born on earth. He is an exceptional mathematician and an expert in multiple sub-languages ​​and is also known as an author. But sadly most people do not know much about him.

#1 By age 8, he could speak eight languages


This amazing man was born in 1898 in New York City. His father, Boris, holds four degrees from Harvard University and is an accomplished psychologist. His mother is also a doctor by profession. You may think that William James was a genius because his parents were talented, but this William did not have a common sense intellect but a very extraordinary intelligence that went beyond common sense.

By the age of eight, little William was fluent in eight languages. Among them were Latin, Greek, French, Roman, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian. At the age of eight, he was able to read the New York Times. He also created his own stuff and named it ‘Venda Good’.

#2 He became the youngest person to enter Harvard



Knowing of William’s brilliant brain, his father worked hard to get him admitted to Harvard University. But it failed because William was nine years old at the time. Two years later, as a result of William’s father’s hard work, Harvard University decided to enroll William at Harvard University.

So in 1909, he entered Harvard University as the youngest student at Harvard University. By 1910, his knowledge of mathematics was at an all-time high. His knowledge of mathematics was such that he lectured to his own professors. William James completed his Bachelor of Arts degree when he was 16 years old.

#3 He decided to live a lonely life


William James told reporters that fame was exhausting and that he was willing to live a perfect life according to himself. He had also stated that he would never marry because women do not ask him to marry. His statements also show the pressure he has faced since birth. The father of William James, a brilliant psychologist, always wanted to make his son shine like a star.

So Boris, the father of William James, always used his psychological approach to achieve this. William loved to learn as a child but his outlook changed as an adult. He even went so far as to blame his father for pushing him into education as a child. William’s father, Boris, died in 1923, but William refused to attend the funeral.

#4 William James Seeds was sentenced to 18 months in prison


This great man never had a desire for fame. So he did a very ordinary clerical job. Even though he lived like that, he did not lack the recognition of the people. So he had no choice but to change his job back. When reporters found out that he was doing a job that paid only $ 24 a week, it became a headline and he had to go public again.

William has also published several books using various pseudonyms. He was a socialist person and an opponent of the First World War. He was arrested in 1919 during a violent protest in Boston, where he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, his parents found a way to keep him out of prison and instead imprisoned him in their sanitary cell for 2 years.

#5 Unfortunate death at 46


William lived his life completely alone. Separated from his family, he worked as a machine driver. This great man who had the ability to change the world suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1944. He died of the disease at the age of 46.

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