It is a known fact that many cities in the world are built along rivers. Since water is a basic human need, easy access to water is the main reason for the emergence of riverine settlements. There are also other bonuses. The location near the water may also be important for the safety of a city or fortress.

The Russian capital, Moscow, is one such river. The city of Moscow is built on the banks of the Moskva River. Yes, the name of the city is Moskva and the name of the river is Moskva. First, let’s find out how. The river that flows through it is also Moscow.

However, in English and many other European languages, the name of the city is Moscow, and the name of the river is Moscow. While the Moskva River is known by that name around the world, non-Russians identify the city of Moskva as Moscow. But that is not the point here. The historical name of the city of Moscow is not closer to its Russian accent; To a foreign accent. There is no record in history of who built Moscow or when.

Moscow is first mentioned in chronicles as a message sent by Prince Yuri Dalgaruki in 1147 to a companion. It read, “Brother, come and see me in Moscow. “Thus, it appears that at that time the city of Moscow was called by that name. Since this is the oldest known record of Moscow, it is officially considered that Moscow was built in 1147.

The Moskva River, which rises about 140 km west, 502 km away and falls into the Oka River. The Aka River joins the Volga River at Nizhny Novgorod. I met other cities on the way to the Moscow River, but those cities are much smaller than Moscow. Moscow is the most beautiful and historical city in the world. Before you die you must explorer this place to take great experience.

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