There are more than 200 countries in the world, and we are sure you have heard of each of them at least once. But there are some states and territories on earth that we did not know about. Some of these are very small areas, and some are inhabited by only a few families. Do you believe that there are smaller countries with less population than a medium-sized city or small village? Today we bring to you about 10 such countries.

#1 Palau


The total area of land 459km2 and there are 21347 people living in this country. The Republic of Palau is a country of more than 300 islands of various sizes. Palau is one of the most amazing and beautiful places on earth. It is rich in rainforests, valuable plants and birds, and is home to 130 endangered species of sharks. But the most striking feature of the country is the lake, which is home to more than 2 million jellyfish. But nothing to worry about that. Over time, they lose their ability to bite.

#2  Niue


Niue is a tiny island nation in Oceania. Total land of area 261Km2 and there are 1190 people living in this country. Despite being a very attractive country, there is not much inclination towards tourism here. As such, it has become a country dependent on foreign aid from New Zealand. The capital is a small village and a population of less than 600. But the island has its own airport and supermarket.

#3 St. Kitts and Nevis


It consists of two islands, Kitz and Nevis. Total land of area 261Km2 there are 52329 people living in this country. Anyone with at least $ 250,000 can invest in the local sugar industry and become a citizen of this country. It can earn you the status of a citizen of St. Kitts. Another way to obtain citizenship is to purchase property in one of the two islands for at least $ 400,000.

#4 Kingdoms associated with the Hut River


The Hut River Kingdom is one of the smallest provinces in Australia. Total land of area 90Km2 and there are 30 people living in this country. This was discovered by Leonard Casley. He declared his farm a new and independent state. This is not noticed in any other country, but it has its own currency, stamps, and passports. Visitors to various parts of the kingdom can see the statue of Prince Leonard I on his torso.

#5 Tuvalu


The Smallest and poorest countries in the world. Total land of area 26Km2 and there are 10959 people living in this country. If Tuvalu had not been given a TV and Internet domain, the economy would have been in even worse shape. It brings millions of dollars to the country’s budget annually.

#6 Nauru


Nauru is the smallest independent republic on our planet as well as the smallest island nation. Total land of area 21Km2 and there are 9591 people living in this country. Nauru has no official capital or public transport. Locals use 25 miles of their roads to drive their private vehicles. The Republic is not popular with tourists due to environmental issues. Another “record” here is the number of obese people: more than 70%.

#7 The State of Seborga


This small land of Italian territory is ruled by the noble Marcelo. Total land of area 4.91 and there are 312 people living in this country. The state of Seborga is a village near the French border. There is an army of 3 as the Minister of Defense and the two border guards.

#8 The Republic of Molossia


The self-proclaimed Republic of Molossia is a small country discovered by Kevin Bowg in Nevada, USA. Total land area 0.055Km2 and there are 7 people in this country. Living there are Mr. Bowg, his family, 3 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. It has a national anthem, a national emblem, and a national flag. Even the death penalty is enforced for serious crimes. Passports are issued and there is even a space program. May 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

#9 Sovereign State of Malta, built on military orders


Apart from Vatican City, this is another small kingdom in Roman territory. It covers an area of ​​0.012 square kilometers and has three buildings, two of which are located in Rome and the other on the island of Malta. 113500 people living in this country. The country has its own currency, stamps, websites, car numbers, and passports.

#10 Sealand


The Famous Kingdom of Ceylon is a sea platform 6 miles off the coast of Great Britain. Total land area 0.004Km2 and there are 27 people living in this country. Sealand is ruled by the self-proclaimed Regent Prince. Anyone can be a European emperor, aristocrat, or duke. The aristocracy can be purchased from the government website for hundreds of pounds.

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