Nourished and smooth hair is a dream of a lady. Nowadays gens also give their high attention to the hair. It provides us classy look and it affects our personality. A shiny smoothed hair is a challenge to everyone even me. Wrong food patterns, harmful habits take us away from this ultimate goal. Today I present to you what is the best method to achieve our hair goal in the best way. Stay with me.

I had strong hair when I was a child. After my higher education, I have been losing my hair. I felt that I missed my unique icon on my beauty. I worried a lot. But my aunty has rich hair even she is late forty in her life. I asked her that secret. Yes, she told me that miraculous fact. It is the oil treatment. She has been secured her hair for a long time shiny and smoothly using this divine method.

Oil treatment is Ayurvedic treatment. You can apply Coconut oil, Lavender oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil almond oil, or any ayurvedic oil at least twice a week for your hair wellbeing. It offers us solutions for many burning facts we are facing based on our hair. What are these burning facts and solutions?

#1 Enhance hair strength

Do you know that a few drops of oil act as a vital role to keep your scalp smooth and nourish? Add some oil on the scalps and rub smoothly. It is important to your hair’s wellbeing. It cleans off dead skin and nourishes your scalp and revitalizing fine hair. This stops hair fall.

#2 Nourish your hair

The facts of Minerals and vitamins enrich your hair’s wellbeing. Vitamin A, the range of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E, Zinc, and iron provide nourishment to our hair goal. The essential oils have all these components. It removes your hair dullness and enhances hair volume. 

#3 Reduce dryness and Hydrate

Dryness stops your shiny look. When you lost hydration sequence you have to face it. Hydration is essential if you need glowy hair. Dry hair leads to prompt broad dandruff, frizz strand, and hair fall. Then you need to moist your hair. You have the ability to get rid of the dryness by applying oil on your hair the prior night and showering the following day. You can use virgin coconut oil, castor oil, or whatever nourished base oil. Please do this at least three days a week. Then you can say bye-bye to hair dryness.

#4 Dandruff relief

Dandruff…dandruff. I hate that disgusting word. Hair dryness originates from dandruff of the scalp. It leads to more troublesome and worrying moments in our lives. You can apply castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil on cleaned scalp then massage from your fingertips smoothly. Within a short period, you can its wonder. 

#5 For Strong roots

Roots must be strong and it holds a vital place in your hair beauty. This is a crucial thing and we should give our proper attention to it. Too-low of a caloric intake or an unhealthy diet leads to poor hair roots. When the hair roots get weak, it forms hair loss. I personally face this horrible scenario. I kept my hair root wellness by using oil basement. By applying oil therapy you can supply a rich base to hair roots and it eliminates destructive toxins from your hair. It provides a strong base for your hair.

#6 Calm your mind

Oil treatment offers you a calm mind free. When you massage your scalp with oily fingertips it provides you mind wellness. Definitely, it helps you to think a moment by wiping all blindness you have. This is a kind of therapy for your stressful mind. It also helps you to improve your blood circulation.

Using oil therapy as a routine helps to recover all your hair matters. Why don’t you miss it? Please try it. I’m sure you could see the legacy of rich and nourish hair if you use this ultimate therapy.  It keeps healthy your hair and enhances your mental wellness. 

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