Life beyond the earth… have you ever thought it? We can see types of landscapes on this beautiful earth. I know you have enjoyed your traveling experience with Blue oceans, Rivers, mountains, waterfalls, and tree covers. We can mostly reach there easily. But do you know there are some places which we couldn’t get easily? They can describe as miracles of wonderful Mother Nature. 

#1.Amazing Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal,  located in the southern part of eastern Siberia in Russia with an incredible wonder of mother nature, is one of the largest and deepest freshwater sources in the world, and also is the oldest freshwater source globally. it is at least 20 to 25 million years old. This immortal Baikal lake freezes in the winter, but its water is apparent. Its broken ice pieces remind us of the blue sky with an erratic glass pattern. Please catch them on your eyes.

#2.Tianzi mountain China


Tianzi Mountain is located in China, Zhangjiajie in the Hunan Province. It closes to the Suoxi Valley in South Central China and provides you a stunning view of peaks, which rise in a sequence of ways. Do you know, It is known as ‘the Monarch of the Peak Forest’. You can see the full extent of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area at the top of the mountain. Rays of Sunshine, Radiance of the Moonlight and the Snow in winter are four wonders you can reach. You can take a cable car to see this incredible peak 

#3.Red beach in china


Goldy sands in everywhere, but you can see red beaches in china, and it not covers in the sand at all.  A type of red plant causes Such a miracle . People called it Sueda. The red plants start growing during April and May. They show green during the beautiful summer, but starts turning to red in autumn. The red beach is located in the giant wetland and reed marsh in the world. It holds the complete ecosystem and provides home facilities for more than 260 kinds of birds and 399 kinds of wild animals.

Another thing is you can see the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls there. Therefore it is the famous beach people called “home of the cranes.”  

#4.Pamukkale – Turkey


Pamukkale is located in Denizli province –southwestern, turkey. The place is classified by UNESCO It has been used as a spa for centuries and some people called as “cotton castle” in Turkish. It consists of very hot springs with very high mineral content. The best time for rocking here is spring because Summer can be unbearably hot while winter can see snowfall.

#5.Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park 


Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park is located in Gansu Province, China. The geological park covers about 50 square kilometers (19 square miles). It consists of colorful mountain ridges. It looks like an overturned palette from heaven.

#6. Marble Caves, Patagonia


The area of this lake is  1,850 km². It takes  970 km² area in the Chilean Region and 880 km² in the Argentine Santa Cruz Province. It is the most fabulous lake in Chile and the 4th largest in Argentina.  The Andes mountain range surrounded it, and it is generated from the glacial origin. The lake drains to the Pacific sea on the west through the Baker River.

It has a number of caves, and those caves are in pure marble.  It has geological formation. You can see its remarkable legacy if you visit there. 

#7. Chocolate Hills, Philippines


The Chocolate Hills are located in the Bohol province of the Philippines. These hills were formed by water erosion as the land was lifted by tectonic movements. It is made with coral limestone and  It named chocolate hills due to its appearance during the dry season. Because Green graces in there turn into brown in the dry season. Hidden caves and springs within are there in these hidden caves.

#8.Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia – Uyuni Salt Flat


Uyuni Salt Flat or Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat located in southwestern Bolivia. It contained up to 70% of the world’s known lithium reserves. More than 3,600 meters above sea level and covering more than 10,500 square kilometers. When it rains, the flats become a mega mirror stretching to the horizon .

#9. Dyrhólaey.- Iceland


The Dyrhólaey Peninsula is located on the south coast of has a staggering view with ancient value based on its historic lighthouse and wealth of birdlife.  you can visit there about 174 km from Reykjavík city or about 2 1/2 hour drive, not so far away from the attractive tiny village Vík. You can see the promenade’s massive rock arch there. 

#10. Socotra Island, Yemen


If you need to visit one of the most isolated islands on earth, please visit The Yemeni island of Socotra. It has most isolated of continental origin. It has unique biodiversity due to its isolation. It shows an extraterrestrial vibe with dusty, rocky grounds and bizarrely shaped trees, flora, and fauna. dragon’s blood tree and the bottleneck tree provide the most iconic visuals to the island together.

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