Love is a beautiful therapy to all of us. It is a bond with two beautiful souls. It is a charming invisible bond and touches our hearts deeply. When you convert it to a legal manner, it is called love marriage. Most of the world recognized it as a more attractive bond than arrange marriage.

Love marriage, see these wonderful two words. Most people think about marriage life as the second birth of their lives. We have to change our lives with the marriage. We have to consider many things when dealing with another party. Two different people have too different opinions, thoughts, and values. When you find a person who has the same mindset, you can efficiently deal with them. It means they are eligible to share your life. You are fortunate if you found them.

The simple meaning of Love marriage is to let someone choose their own partner for her/his life. Most Youngers try to find the most compatible person for their lives. We choose life partners based on their qualities, appearance, even money, and status. If those icons match with us, we tend to fall in love with them. Most relationships continue until marriage life.

Love marriage can be perfect or can be very critical. Every people like to be in their comfort zone. When in romantic relationships, their understanding level and tolerance are higher. They always try to help their partners. Both Partners look at their life journey as teamwork. They share living things with each other’s even cooking, gardening and babysitting. We need happiness and joy in our marriage lives. When in love-marriage, it is a natural thing.

They have known all their needs, wants, values and thoughts for a long time. They respect their values. Conflicts may happen. But they know the trick. How do they manage it? Therefore they can maintain it well. If you need to continue a love marriage until death, you have to be a good listener, caretaker, negotiator, and sexy spouse. It is a challenge. You can see some married couples as love birds. They are the persons who are facing that vast challenge every day. Suppose they are unable to continue it. They will fail one day.

How would it happen? As I said earlier, it is a big deal. Many love marriages tend to fail or end with divorce. This is because of the lack of offer and takes manner, misunderstanding, Ego, and responsibility-taking. If you do not add colors or don’t repaint your vanished area in your relationship’s art, it will dull day by day.

Your understanding level and tolerance level should be straight throughout your relationship. If you offer something, you will get something. If you ignore your partner, they feel that they are isolated in a desert. If you miss them, you will miss them all in the future. If you forget before the marriage era, you hide romantic feelings in the bottom of your heart and act like a robot. You follow your daily routine. But happiness may not there.

Please secure your inner peace and your wonderful feelings. Don’t lock them. You have a beautiful past. That is why you have entered a marriage life with your soul mate. You have shared all your things in the past. Why don’t you continue it? Think, feelings have small wings and sound. They are always whispering the theme of love and fly over your heart. Please listen to it and don’t cut that tiny wings. Definitely, you will become a winner.

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