Most people in the world have worked for an organization or unit. If I asked a question from you, how many employers did you have? You will answer it. “Yes. Since I was an undergraduate, I have worked for many organizations. So I have worked for more than five employers”.

I have more inquiries from you.  Who is your favorite employer? Why do you like them? You will say “they are very friendly.  Then you give me a further explanation about them, “They have given me more opportunities for my development manner. They heard us and we worked as a team. They identified our likes and dislikes. They gave second chances us in front of our shortcomings” That is why I like them.

Yes. We don’t like to work with tough persons. They always are goal-oriented. They need only work. They try to suck our all energies without giving us a thrill. Yes. I have also worked under such kinds of employers. I feel uncomfortable when I with them. But I have human-oriented employers. I like to see them.

 Some are good some are bad. What is the difference?.

We can categorize employers as Leaders or bosses. You might feel freedom when you are with the leader. You feel bored when you are with the boss. Let’s see the difference. Stay with me.

#1  When Leaders make Your Confidence, Bosses make Your Fear

Bosses always want to hear what they want to hear. They don’t expect to hear what the sound of the employee is. They want everyone to agree with them. They take decisions and we have to say “yes” to everything. It makes something fear on our minds.

When we move to the Leaders aspect, they need your sound. But they never say “yes” to everything. We feel comfortable and we try to do our best for them. It enhances our confidence. Personally, I wish to work in this kind of working environment. How about you?.

#2 leaders influence you but Bosses give commands

Leaders encourage others to think for themselves to achieve the desired ends. They influence to bottom of our hearts. Leader’s authority depends on their ability to influence others. It lay on their personality and qualities.

But, the boss’s authority comes from their position. Although we like to follow or not we have to ask their commands. Bosses give commands to instruct employees what to do but leaders inspire their followers to find the best way forward while motivating them to the maximum outcome based on their potential ability. Then employees can achieve their best. Because they ready to ask and follow the leader’s word.

#3 leaders are inspiring but Bosses are explaining 

Leaders inspire their followers and make them excited about their work. They support and guide you when you do something. Leaders motivate followers by letting them know the importance of their work. But the bosses ensure you understand your work. They expect understanding from you every time. They offer you workload and you should do it although you haven’t proper image about that manner.

#4 leaders offer you rewards and bosses offer you punishments 

Great leaders recognize that employees benefit from mentorship and encouragement. When an employee performs well in a specific line of work, leaders recognize and take need actions to master that skill. Leaders think of employees that they are human and mistakes can happen. They identify employee’s strengths and weaknesses independently and mentor them to success.

Bosses do not accept worker’s mistakes. They expect 100 perfect work from employees.  They are more likely to use a punishment system to discourage poor behavior. In most time they do not offer a second chance to build their confidence.

#5 leaders delegate you the authority but bosses delegate you tasks

The leader creates a long-term vision for the team as a key motivator. The leader guides their team members to figure out what should do and what is the right way to do it. They will influence others for the overall benefit of the organization by Utilizing their excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Bosses are goal-oriented and they focusing on the objectives of their department and are stringent in the following protocol to achieve created goals. They think for the short term and delegate tasks to their subordinates and tend to micromanage. Boss has key objectives to meet. Bosses get outcomes by telling employees what should do and commanding them to do it the right way. A leader enables their team to figure out what to do, is concerned with doing what is the right way. 

#6 leaders are a part of your team but bosses are above the team

Good leaders always admire team working and they promote it. Leaders recognize their team members as equal contributors. People must facilitate positive relationships with their employees. Work with follower’s needs and create a culture that encourages effective communication within the organization. As an organization, they go-ahead to success by achieving their goal and objectives. Employee commitment is the leverage of any organization. If we need their maximum courage we need to work as a team.  

Bosses always think beyond teamwork. They create their position above the team. It occurs communication gap and employees will not offer their best.

This is a little comparison between the leader and the boss. All employers are not leaders. Bosses are available in most places. Leaders know that follower’s best interests bring great results to the organization. They try to gain the best for the organization through the energy of followers. Leaders incorporate good communication by listening to their teams. A good leader leads a company’s decision-making practices based on the best interests of the team as well as the company. They add great value to the organization. I personally like to fly over bossy minds to the leadership. What is the choice you?. 

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