Have you ever seen a fruitful mango tree or mandarin tree? I’m sure you may have seen it. We just see a well-grown mango tree as a giant. But we couldn’t imagine how it would become like an enormous tree. We only make its appearance at first sight. But it has a sequence of the process behind your sense. I’ll tell you a story. Please give your kind attention for a while.

There is a man. He ate a mango which has a divine taste. He becomes wonder about its taste. He didn’t forget his taste yet. He needs this kind of tree in his garden. He searched a place where he should plant it. Then he saw a place with rich soil. He takes that master seed and puts it under the rich base. After few days, he could see two little leaves on that mango seed. They had come out from its soul. He felt happy.

He put in some water and fertilizer. He gave his kind attention to this plant. He has been protected from harmful sunrays and a lot of infections for many years. Gradually this mango plant becomes a huge tree, and it gave birth to too many fruits. When that man looks at the tree, he feels proud and successful. He has succeeded. He had converted his desire to the reality.

When someone looks at the mango tree, they only can appear the outcome. They don’t know how It built up. Suppose one person needs to build a mango tree on your own place they have to work hard. If you need to achieve something, don’t lay on the wishing. Take energy for the reality.

I’ll tell you another story. There is a person who looked at leading businessman or top-grade writer or whatever best position in this world and needs to achieve. Please think about the story of the mango tree.

Imagine you as the man who plants the mango seed. At first sight, people only see the appearance of the huge mango tree. But they couldn’t see how he had achieved this victory. What they sacrificed for this achievement? People who are handling top positions in this world have an own story.

When someone looks at a leading position, and sees it in herself. They are alive in their dreams. If you need to see its legacy, you didn’t forget the taste of ripe mango, .then find a place to ideate your vision. Check out the most suitable place to build it based on your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats to plant your divine mango tree. Plant it and give your kind attention to it. Please protect your upcoming legacy from bacterial infections and harmful Sunrays. It may arise from your inside as worries and sufferings. Please be cautious..

When you invest your business mind in front of your desire. Definitely, you can see the peak beyond all barriers. Think, if that man didn’t ignore his dream to plant a divine tasted mango tree on his land, he would not be able to taste divine mango every day if he did not put water, fertilizer, and other sources and did not give proper attention. He would lose his vision. If you want to achieve your vision, you must work hard based on your mission. It needs objectives and a proper platform to present. 

Suppose you need to plant your desire in this competitive world. You have to work hard. Don’t expect more and more in the very first moment. Be patient… you would become your dream figure one day. Don’t give up….stay here until you taste divine mangoes on your own tree.

Good luck…!

Wrote by; kossip.me


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