Heart-Pumping Panoramas In The World That Only Braves Can See

Some scenes are worth the extra mile – but are you capable of these scenic views? That might mean a glass-bottomed bridge bravely or a paraglider climbing the snow-capped peaks, but from New Zealand to Nepal, we’ve picked the best views of the planet for adventure seekers. Remember to check national and regional travel restrictions, individual attractions and any COVID-19 protocols for open hours prior to arrival.

1# Edge, New York City, New York, USA


Because observation decks are so common these days, Edge’s 30 Hudson Yard in New York City offers a new way of seeing the city from the sky: you can literally climb to the top of a building. Wear your helmet, belt, and blue jumpsuit before being led by instructors to the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. The bravest person among you can lean against the corner with straps to feel the breeze of the city without any obstacles between you and the hair-raising scene.

2# Edgewalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada


In Toronto, this spine is the “belt up, the way up”, the perfect beltline for a numbing attraction. Popularly known as the Edgewalk Experience, it is located on the roof of CN Tower’s 360, 1,168 feet (356 m) above the ground. One of the tallest free structures in the world will tie you to the safety straps that allow you to walk across the perimeter of the tower. From here, from the first Canadian place to the striking Scotia Plaza, look at the city’s skyscrapers and marvel at the cars and ants below.

3# Sacred Valley via ferrata, Peru


Directed by Natura Vive, the Ferrata Mountain Trail explores the Sacred Valley of Peru, allowing visitors to climb up to 1,300 feet (396 m). Force to look down, then you can see the flowing water of the Urubamba River and the green farms. For an added adrenaline rush, you can choose to travel back and forth using six zip lines. Or, for a last night’s adventure, stay on Skylodge, a series of glass beads clinging to the walls of a valley more than 1,000 feet (305 m) high.

4# The Edge, Melbourne, Australia


Eureka Skydeck is located 935 feet (285 m) above the ground in the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. The deck has 360-degree views of the state capital of Victoria, but even those with steel nerves can experience the Edge. Floor and all that extends south from Skydeck and hovers over the city. Come after sunset, when Melbourne’s skyscraper cluster looks even more magical.

5# Sky Tram, Costa Rica


Costa Rica is famous for its zip lines, and Sky Adventures offers a different way to explore the country’s treetops. Depending on your location, Sky Tram takes you to the highest point in the mountains of Monteward or Arenal. As you walk through the clouds or rainforest, you will reach an altitude of about 745 feet (227 m) and reach the tops of the mountains. From the final point of view of the Arenal, you can identify the lake below; At Monteverde, you will be able to see across Nicoya Bay.

6# Summit One Vanderbilt, New York City, New York, USA


It’s hard to understand exactly what’s happening at Summit One Vanderbilt with just a photo. This light and mirror installation on the 91st floor of One Vanderbilt is intriguing and dizzying. You can take an all-glass elevator to the Transcendence 1 viewing deck, where you can see the city through mirrored mirrors and stand above New York in glass levitation skyboxes. , 1,063 feet (325 m) above ground. The 92nd floor contains Transcendence 2, a balcony with transcendence 1 mirrors and glass chaotic views.

7# The Skywalk, Gibraltar


The scenery at Gibraltar Rock is stunning, but for the brave, there is an even better one on The Skywalk. This glass-bottomed platform offers an up-and-down view of the Sandy Bay coast and the endless Mediterranean Ocean with cargo ships and oil tanks floating on the water. For extra fun, try crossing the 230-foot (70 m) Windsor Suspension Bridge across a deep ravine.

8# Columbia Icefield Skywalk, Alberta, Canada

Columbia Icefield Skywalk

If the views across Columbia Icefield, the largest ice rink in the Rocky Mountains, are not refreshing enough, a glass floor observation deck offers an even more attractive option. Sitting 918 feet (280 m) above the Sunwapta Valley, the Skywalk is an equestrian walkway with views from below to the pine trees. In the distance, you can see the North Face Glacier, the Mushroom Mountain, Mount Athabasca and Mount Andromeda.

9# CabriO cableway, Switzerland


This is not your typical cable car. In most mountain gondolas you are protected by a glass bubble, and the Cabrio cable route has a completely open deck that offers no protection from the elemental and scenic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The car is a 24-minute drive up the 6,200-foot (1,900 m) mountain to Stancerhorn, where you can freely walk around the open deck.

10# Aonach Eagach, Highlands, Scotland


Surrounded by moss-green slopes and snow-capped peaks, the deep Glens make the Scottish Highlands one of the most beautiful in Britain, and the views of Aonach Eagach are truly breathtaking. Even more amazing is the view as you look down. This is one of the narrowest mountain ranges in Britain, and the wrestling here causes the blood to flow faster. To solve this you will need to be an experienced climber and climber, it is best to avoid it when it gets wet.

11# Mount Hua, Shaanxi, China


Regularly hailed as the world’s most dangerous mountaineer, Mount Hua Plank Walk (also known as Huashan) is a series of thin wooden planks mounted on the side of a mountain in the Shanxi Province of China. You will need straps and a rope to get through this dangerous path due to the large drop below you, but if you fall it will provide little support because the straps only cover your upper body, so it is easy to slip. The climb to reach Planck Walk is sometimes daunting, with narrow trails surrounded by steep slopes and very little safety infrastructure. You have to be incredibly confident to get out of this.

12# Viewing platform, Trauttmansdorff Castle, Merana, Italy


This unique viewing platform is a spectacle in itself. Located in the Tirtmansdorf Castle Gardens in the scenic city of Merana, the structure was designed by the Italian architect Matteo Three. It is located above the parks and is famous for its rich vegetation and picturesque mountain backdrop, which is meant to resemble a pair of telescopes. The structure is also semi-transparent, giving visitors the illusion that they ‘float’ above the ground below. Tratmansdorf is closed from December to March.

13# Step into the Void, Chamonix, France


If you are suffering from dizziness, look away now. The name of this attraction alone should be enough to shock you. Step In the Void is located on the top of the Aiguille du Midi in the Chamonix area of France and is reached by a scenic cable car. It takes the form of a glass box at an altitude of 12,605 feet (3,842 m) at the altitude of the toothpick (including the glass pane). As you appreciate the resort, including the Mont Blanc Cinnamon Mountains and the toys below, you will feel like you are walking in the air.

14# Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a huge tax burden both physically and emotionally and requires a great deal of preparation. But still, thousands of brave tourists try to climb every year. Kilimanjaro is the highest free mountain in the world and reaches its highest point at 19,340 feet (5,895 m), so it is surprising that the scenery is out of this world. Mostly your view is obscured by clouds, only interspersed with blue skies, and from time to time a pointed peak crashes through the white cover.

15# Trolltunga, Norway


The view from Troaltunga, Norway, a dramatic rocky outcrop at 3,609 feet (1,100 m) above sea level, is spectacular – all covered with snow and deep-blue water. Many people try to reach this natural stage every year but it is not a task to be taken lightly. Departing from the village of Skjeggedal, the entire ascent is more than 17 miles (27km) back and forth, rising to a spinning height. Be extra careful once you reach Trolltunga, and if you feel unsure, book a guided tour.

Cover Image – pixabay / cntower.ca

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