Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you are in a place where there are millions of roses blooming around you. Roses have charming beauty and admiring smell. . In this wonderland, the breeze kisses you and fills your mind with the lovely fragrance. Fantastic opera is playing nearby you—a pair of invisible wings you have. You can fly over everywhere you want.

What do you feel now? I guess, you think, a miraculous moment. Everyone likes to be there, including you and me. You can see the reality of the scenario mentioned above if you have fallen in pure love. 

A relationship is the full package of Love, affection, emotion, kindness, caring and tolerating, and more. All things that belong to that category are heart-touching and inspiring. They have a smooth appearance in common. They touch the bottom of our hearts. If you share your soul with someone, I’m sure you have already experienced them.

Love is one of a miracle in this world. It shines up our world. Sometimes, it looks like an inspiring wave. It kisses our souls. Sometimes it seems like an evening star in the evening and a beautiful aroma in the morning. In the morning, a lovely aroma gives us hope. It provides a clue to spend the whole day happily. In the evening, we are gazing at the star. It provides us with solace by the end of the day. When we fall in love with someone, we use to think beyond the horizon. When you share your eye contact with your partner or when you embrace your feelings with the partner.

Pure love is rare in this running world. I don’t know how some people could measure most sensible feelings with money or status. It looks like someone rubs a smooth petal with a hard stone. Money or status assists you when living. But true love helps you in every moment in your life.  If your person knows the deep sense of love, you are fortunate. 

When in relationships, we wish each other’s happiness. We always try to see their smile. We hate their tears. The mean of love does not depend on sex. It is more than about life. Sex is a need, but love is one of our wants. We cannot live without air,  food or water. If you maintain a sex life with a partner, but he/she couldn’t touch your heart. Although your need is fulfilled, your want is already here. They can feel our bodies but cannot touch our souls. It is the reality. Therefore Love is a medication for your life.

When being a part of a relationship, you have to handle many more things. Conflicts may be there. Because this is the point that two different people get to engage with sharing their lives. It may have different opinions, attitudes, thoughts, values, and distinct tastes. Therefore we have to manage everything. I’ll give some examples. Although you like to read novels, your partner does not like it. Your partner loves rock music, but you love traditional music. Your partner draws wall arts, but you do not like it. Conflicts are rotating around us most of the time.

Understanding is the best medication for all these worries. However, we should respect others’ likes and dislikes. But don’t say yes to everything. You can explain your part when they are going on out of the track of their lives. If you are at the bottom of their heart, they will take your clue. Suppose you don’t have a partner there. Don’t give up on the mission. Find the most suitable person in your life. It will be hard. If you admire pure love, you will find a partner one day because we get what we are giving.

Good luck..!

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