If I put a coin on and ask for head & tail you will randomly answer me. But the answer you give may not be the same as the answer you get. But you do not skip that question and offer to answer whether it is right or wrong. Defeat and victory are like two sides of the same coin. But the way you win or lose is quite different.

People make mistakes here because they do not understand the difference. How many times have you fallen to the ground when you were a child and used to walk on your knees? But you cry and rise again. That’s not because it didn’t hurt you. Because you wanted to walk.

And because you forgot that pain. But what happened to you today? This is the difference that time has made. Today’s defeat is a pain that feels like a blow to you. What is this difference? Is pain an unbearable problem for the aging human intellect? we’ll see. What is the real reason why 99% of people fail? There is one famous saying.

See if you’ve heard of this before. “Never take victories for granted and never take defeats for granted!” Why do you say this? This is because we do this. No matter how much you say no, can you stop feeling sad when you lose and happy when you win? No. But this is not about that. Winning, losing, sadness is something like the shadow that comes after us. You have to be happy in the face of achievements. You also have to grieve in the face of defeat. But there is a limit to both.

We do not know that limit. I said there is a prime reason for 99% failure. That is nothing else. They do not understand this limitation. We saw a lot of successful characters. I read their lives and listened to their advice. We did all this but we are still where we are. Why is this? Is it because you have not tried? Or is it because you tried and failed? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

I ask you why people are afraid to lose. Defeat is not because we lose so much. We are afraid of losing because we cannot bear that pain. That’s why people try once and when they lose, they don’t try again. That’s why you say, “That’s not the right thing to do.” Don’t do this. Because abandoned people are always losers. I ask you. Do you want to be a loser forever?

The pain of losing is not something you feel alone. It is common to everyone. So how do we get out of this problem? All you have to do is be happy in the face of defeat. This may seem like a joke to you. But if you do not mind defeat, this is the best solution. Why should you be happy here? That is because defeat is the symbol of victory. So every time you lose, be happy thinking that victory is near.

Please try again. Do not kneel before you and cry! You only feel sad when you think about it. Also, be accustomed to experiencing victory. The vast majority of people take the win head-on. That is why they take defeat for granted. If you do one of these two, the other will happen automatically. So don’t do both. Keep in mind that winning is about being happy and not about hurting others.

As you humble yourself in the face of victory, you can endure defeat as well. You can read this and stay the same. But if you want to make a living, make a habit of correcting your little mistakes in yourself.

You do not have to be perfect to be successful. Make sure there are fewer mistakes. Like I said before when we were little we all fell and got up and we all had such a past. It didn’t hurt that much that day. Because the little mind was not in the habit of touching anything. Over time, as we grow older, our minds take over everything.

This is what pushes us backward. So if you were asked if you would like to go back to childhood, all of these people would say yes. Why is that? You do not have that freedom today. Lose this and say it yourself. Understand this. Man does not have a keen intellect to go wrong. To make those mistakes.

You can change today. No matter how much you fail in every attempt you make after today, never catch it in your mind. Let it go. Please try again. This is the secret of progress. So finally if you have something to do it is to memorize this sentence well. If you can avoid defeat as a heartless person, you will soon have the good fortune to celebrate victory as a heartless person.

Wrote by: Kossip.me



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