The Earth Is defines by Borders. Borders Consist With between countries, continent, States, province and towns. That is the thing we all normally know. There are few amazing borders between the countries where get you weird and a little funky. These unusual borders crossings are worth the wait from mountain to café. The world is full of amazing and beautiful ways cross into other country.

Borders are the most valuable image of two countries and most dangerous place. Border is the main point of war or peace of country. There are several borders around the world between two or three countries. Some borders are very peaceful and there are few very dangerous borders around the world. Travelling between these borders make you weird and can take lots of pleasure.

Here is some borders can make you wired,

#01 Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay Border  


#02 Land art festivals: Poland and Ukraine border


#03 Khunjerab Pass: Pakistan and China border


#04 Northwest Angle: United States and Canada border  Source;

#05 Argentina And Brazil Border  Source;

#06 Norway and SwedenSource;

#07 America and Mexico  Source;

#08 Spain and Portugal  Source;

#09 Netherland and Belgium  Source;

#10 Slovakia, Austria And Hungary  Source;

#11 Haiti and the Dominican Republic  Source;

#12 Denmark and Sweden  Source;

#13 Sweden And Norway  Source;

#14 Egypt and Israel border  Source;

#15 Macau Drives on the Left Side of the Road,  Main land China Drives on the Right Side  Source;

#16 Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium  Source;

#17 Germany, Poland and Czech border  Source;

#18 Thailand, Myanmar and Laos border  Source;

#19 Germany and Poland, on the beach of Usedom.  Source;

#20 Hadrian’s Wall Scotland and England  Source;

#21 Asia Vs Europe in Russia  Source;

#22 Turkey and Greece border  Source;

#23 Finland, Sweden and Norway border  Source;

#24 Russia and Belarus border  Source;

#25 North Korea and South Korea border  Source;

#26 Haskell Public Library, USA and Canada Border  Source;

#27 Germany and Czech Republic border  Source;

#28 Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia border  Source;

#29 Chui, Uruguay and Brazil Border  Source;

# 30 Chui, Uruguay and Brazil Border  Source;

#31 Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Bridge  Source;

#32 Israel and Palestine Border in Bethlehem  Source;

#33 Border between France and Italy  Source;

#34 China Vietnam Border – Detain Transnational waterfall  Source;

#35 Austria and Slovenia border  Source;

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