To be successful or to prosper means to make a lot of money and get rich financially. Does having wealth really mean being rich? Oprah Winfrey once said, “I was able to achieve such financial success because money has never been my main goal.” That is the view of many billionaires.

Today, the primary focus of wealthy people is not just on making money. For example, Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world, and Elon Musk wants to build megapolises on Mars. And the status of most successful wealthy people today is not determined by the size of the luxury goods but by the number of charities they provide. So today we are going to tell you some of the rich principles that you can follow to make your life better.

#1 Find your goal and set it right

To be successful, you must first choose your goal and set the right path for it. If your goal and thoughts is firm, you will be able to keep your spirits strong by overcoming obstacles along the way. Steve Jobs didn’t want to release a phone. His goal was to create a phone that could function as a computer but was easy to use.

That way your goal should be precise. For example, if you like to bake cakes, it would be a mistake to set the goal of “I want to bake a cake to make money.” Instead, your goal should be to “open a bakery that sells my cakes.” And if you’re dreaming of a world tour, it’s wrong to set a goal that says “I want to travel the world.” Instead, set the goal of “I want to earn $ 20,000 for my travels.”

#2 Make a plan and follow it

How do you travel around the world? What type of transport do you use? What is your route? When do you start the journey? Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. After preparing the plan, he concluded that the main obstacle was the high cost of flying to the Red Planet.

Elon is now busy developing economic space transport to overcome that obstacle. In that way, the habit of planning short-term and long-term goals helps to identify weaknesses and key tasks that need to be addressed. For example, after planning a trip around the world, maybe your goal is not to earn $ 20,000 for the trip, but to find people with similar ideas to travel around the world.

#3 Do not hesitate to show real feelings

Have you ever heard of what emotional intelligence is? It does not mean suppressing your emotions, but your ability to manage them. In other words, the ability to display emotions in the right place helps to achieve success. In addition, suppressed emotions can worsen physical well-being. So never be ashamed to show your true feelings.

#4 Love what you do

Your success can be greatly diminished if you do not have your own business or commitment to the goal you are aiming for. Desire cannot be deliberate. If you do not love your job, it is difficult to change your attitude. So whatever job you do, treat it with respect and love.

#5 Spend money consciously

If you want to buy another outfit, do it. But before that, consider how close this dress is to your goal. Spending a dollar wisely is harder than earning it – Steve Jobs. Here always spend money only on the things that can reach your goal. If you have made it your goal to travel the world, choose to take a foreign language course instead of buying clothes. If you are truly obsessed with your goal, it may be easier to refuse to buy a dress or any other impulsive purchase.

#6 Use your time wisely

Time is a precious resource and one should manage it with good care just as one spends money. This is not to say that you should be busy with your goal every minute. Using time wisely means allocating your free time to something productive. For many, the inability to say “no” to wasting precious time is caused by gossip, social media, doing several tasks at once, and then pausing halfway. So always set aside your free time for something productive.

#7 Set priorities

Not everything can always be successful. For example, if you plan to sell gingerbread at a pastry shop but you do not know how to bake them, you do not need to learn a new skill. Instead, it’s more effective to find an expert in gingerbread or start working together.

Elon Musk believes in the solar system but realizes that he does not have enough energy for everything. As such, he is committed to Tesla and SpaceX, while the solar field project is managed by other specialists. Musk goes to the SpaceX office on Mondays and Thursdays, and he comes to the Tesla office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The habit of priorities is beneficial not only at work but also in other areas of life. If you have a lot to do, do not try to do everything at once – focus on one thing.

#8 Do not complicate your life

So far, technological advances have simplified much. Online shopping and booking, automated home appliances, modern means of communication, etc. all save our time and effort significantly. However, life’s difficulties are often caused not by external circumstances but by ourselves.

Therefore, one should not complicate one’s life with chaotic feelings. The desire to please everyone, as well as when we are assured that we owe something to others and when others and the world, in general, think we owe something to ourselves, cause us to have confusing complex feelings. But for a person to live without dying, only breathing, drinking water, and eating must be mandatory and not “mandatory” under any other circumstances.

#9 Say “no” to stereotypes and other people’s priorities

The place of women is in the kitchen, men never cry, all these stereotypes that we must have someone to take care of us as we get older not only distort our view of reality but also lead us away from all the things of living a good life, achieving our goals and being happy. Prevent.

“Your time is limited. So you should not lose it by taking the lives of others. Do not fall into the trap of myth. Do not let the voices of others strike your inner voice. ” – Steve Jobs. Many billionaires today are driven by a desire to be different from others. When guided by someone else’s opinion and stereotypes, it can be difficult to cross the line to achieve success.

#10 Don’t live just for yourself

For modern billionaires, generosity is a spiritual priority. Many of them spend money on helping those in need, developing the arts, education, and medicine. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett started their “The Giving Pledge” campaign, which means donating 50% of their income to charity. More than 150 people, including Mark Zuckerberg, George Lucas, Victor Pinchuk, and Vladimir Potanin, are participating in the campaign.

Giving someone your time, attention, and energy is an investment in them. It is also important to give priority to those who need your support. For example, it is more important to spend your time with children in orphanages or helpless animals than to spend time listening to a lady neighbor complaining about her lazy husband. None of these principles, however, will enrich you at once. But success is not always about money. Happiness is the opportunity to do what you want and make the decisions that you feel are right.

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