#1 Take  Romans approach to build your place

Please keep your eye on The Colosseum, it is 1949 years old. It is still shining well. They have made it with strong materials. It is stronger than any concrete we use today. Romans have used the best materials, rare marbles, and decoration items from many countries in the world. Most people who are in the world have been attracted to this amazing creation. It a unique blend of success and strength.

Millions of people have kept their eyes on this incredible legacy. When it moves to the business world, new entrepreneurs should seek their future and should not ideate temporary solutions as slums. Your outcome should be a capture of the colosseum one day. They should be building something that’ll last for years to come .think carefully and build it wisely. Slums will destroy within a short time but super quality colosseum will stay in this world for many years ahead. You should focus on high-quality products and a well-defined platform on your way.

#2 Choose the right niche

Selecting a niche is a vast challenge. We should find out space on our own.  We should select an audience which accepts our designed products. If we are unable to find the best one, we will fail.  Find your audience by struggling with your mind. Simply, to whom you sell your product? 

For example, if you are focus on the Christmas season,  

For example, if you suppose to build a Christmas business, you might struggle to find customers for your products in February. You can choose a niche that popular at least hundreds of thousands of monthly searches like fitness, beauty, fashion, or home décor.  Try to do upcoming trends. First of all, Evaluate your passions and skills, Figure out if there’s a market for your niche, Narrow down your niche, Check out the competition for yourself finally you can test the niche. Please find it and Try some unusual business ideas instead!

#3 Solve a burning dilemma

Problem-solving is an important business tip for new entrepreneurs who are supposed to create a business. Problems can appear everywhere. It can hard for you as a beginner. The problem you try to solve doesn’t need to be complicated like curing a disease. It can be simple, such as we help people overcome boredom by offering a fresh experience. Find your solution to their burning matter. Empathize it on yourself for them.

You can try to reach it by knowing through many ways. Find it and ideate a solution for the burning point. For example, if you focus on anti-snoring products, you should want your show them how snoring affects personal health and their sleep. Then promote your product by mentioning the advantages of your product for personal health and wellbeing.

#4 Keep in touch with customer needs

Customer is the king of our task. You are running your business on their flat form. We always try to fulfill their needs and wants in the best way. When our solutions do not tally with their goals it will become a struggle for us. if customers do not satisfy with our product, we lost them. As an entrepreneur, you should seek their inside that what they requesting from us.

Managing customer relations is a very important fact to us. Identify what they are expecting from us. Listen to it. Collect Direct Feedback from Your Customers. Customer feedback is one of the easiest ways to find out what your customers like, want, and dislike and then plan how to implement customer needs into your operations. Please get strength your pillars of success. It is depending on you and your consideration based on them.

#5  Please focus on profit instead of revenue

Most entrepreneurs are thinking about revenue. Through the sales, we can earn revenue. But your pure outcome of the business is profit. It says the current destination of your business journey and the features of your future way. 

Although you earn 500000 $ for this month, you have 400000$ from kinds of cost sources. Then your profit is 100000$. This is really worth it for you. Try to gain it more. You can reach it by hard work. Profit is the best motivation seen by your stakeholders. They try to invest your company and your status in the business world is increased. You can touch the peak if you consider this manner.

#6 Please get started with a narrow point first and gradually expand it

You couldn’t touch the peak soon. Steve Jobs did not become a billionaire within a night. He started it from little space but his ambition was not small. Eventually, he expanded it slowly. He became an icon for this world.

Be patient. We cannot do anything in haste. Start your dream in a narrow place. Then expand it with upcoming trends and your commitment. That is a plus point of your view.  It will take more time. But one day you can see the reality. For example, for the first time, you can start a men’s shirt store. Then try to expand it with all men’s wear.  Finally, you can expand it into a shopping mall for both male and female categories gradually. Then you can build up an online store for more audience. Please draw the art of your dream and color up it in your own way. Your commitment is the important factor for this. Try it.

#7 Employee morale helps you to see the top

Employees handle one of the major parts of your business.it directly affects the productivity you are gaining.  They help you to achieve your dream. Employees like to work in a happy and safe environment. if you provide it to them, they try to do something better. If you need their best contribution to you, please listen to them.

Ask them, are they happy with you? What do they want? What are their suggestions? you cannot give all solutions. But at least ask from them. They might have good ideas. You can offer them some opportunities for their career growth. All employees wish to work with a good boss. Be a good boss. Insults them you all are one team and you are the one of a member of the team. That will definitely help you to touch the peak.

#8 Start a business that matches your persona

You should start a business after identified your skills and passion. Consider what have you gained based on past experiences and your personality.   If you have the ability on drawing and art, please ideate your wish based on your capability. If you try to begin an online store without having at least basic knowledge of IT, you will definitely fail. Find deeply on past information about failures of businesses, you will find what have they focused on and what they have missed. Find your own ability and try it on your way.

#9 Be aware of the competitor’s mind map

Competitors are one of the major sources which affect your path. They have alternatives for your product. They produce similar goods or services to our customer base. We share a common customer base with them. Sometimes they add more icons to their product focusing on customer attraction. We should have a sensitivity of what are they doing? How do we find solutions for keeping our customer base fine?

Keep your eye on changing patterns of your customers. You should have a good information system to catch up with it. Competitors act as an external party and offer opportunities and threats to you. Get energy with opportunities and find solutions for threats you will face. For example, your competitors have found an efficient customer service management system, it will be a threat to you. If you found, it will be a threat for them. However, you should focus on your path to achieve your best. Please Reach more and gain more.

#10 Please just do it 

Overthinking and questioning make you worry. It will gradually delete your inner peace. Finally, it affects your mind map to success. Please just do it. You will make mistakes. You will have to face a number of challenges. You cannot avoid all of them. You have to face them. As an entrepreneur, you have to act as a risk-taker. You should fulfill your dream by giving the best solutions to your customers. You can win it. 

Entrepreneurs have changed this world. Still, they are changing this world. They will offer the best solutions in the future also. If you need to be a top-grade entrepreneur, you have to start with narrow and grow it up to your desired position. You have to do and avoid many things during this amazing journey. Please get started with a deep breath. Your vision guides your mission. Your aims and objectives assist your mission. Please find the golden key which didn’t you find yet. It will makes you a top-grade entrepreneur one day.

Good Luck!

Wrote by; Kossip.me



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